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Tharu Community Wiki (also referred as TCWiki) is an informal "Wikipedia" for contents related to the Tharu Community. Anyone can join TCWiki to access, contribute and correct information. TCWiki is currently hosted under Wikispaces.com, which provides free wiki hosting service. TCWiki is run along with Tharu Community page on Facebook. The contents of TCWiki are mostly contributed by the members Tharu Community page on Facebook. It was opened to public on November 27, 2010, the first year anniversary of the Tharu Community Facebook page.

A lot of us are acquainted with Wikipedia. The purpose of TCWiki is to serve as the Wikipedia for Tharu Community. Everyone can share their knowledge on any topics related to Tharu Community. All visitors are kindly requested to join hands to build an ocean of information on Tharu Community by contributing every single drop of knowledge they possess.

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How to Join

TCwiki is a public wiki. Anyone can join us by clicking the "Join" link at the top right corner of any page or "Join this Wiki" link at the bottom of every page. When you join us, you create an account with Wikispace.com. Creating an account enables you to add new content to this wiki.

It is not necessary to create an account to edit existing pages. Any one can edit by clicking on the "Edit This Page" button on top left corner.
However, new content can only be added by registered users.

Join link on TCWiki

Users can click on the "Join" (pictured) link on the top right corner or click here to join.

Contributing to TCWiki

Anyone can contribute to TCWiki. Users have to be logged in to add new content. Contributors are expected to be civil and use formal language on articles. Contributors adding misleading and false information on purpose will face consequences. Other contributors are encouraged to discuss and correct false information. While it is recommended that contributors follow the format used in this page in creating new content, formatting can be requested in the Discussion from others. A basic outline of formatting is:
New Page link

  • Heading 1 - For Page title
  • Heading 2 - For Paragraph title
  • Normal - For Content

A new page can be created by clicking on the "New Page" link (pictured) at the bottom of page. User must be logged in to see the link. An alternate link "Join this Wiki" appears when the user is not logged in.

Guests (i.e. unregistered users) can still contribute by editing and correcting existing pages. No registration is required for editing existing pages.

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